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The hardest part of making change, in all our lives, is probaly the idea of acceptance. We can all have whatever, we want, but the reason we don't, is where afraid of accepting it. I realize that this might sound foolish, but think about it. Is there something that you'd like in your life, but you feel you'll never have it. What is it, and why? Examine this thought, and if you look at it deeply enough, you'll actually see, that you feel, you don't deserve it. Somewhere, you picked up the notion, that your handed, your lot in life, and there's nothing, you can do about it. Well, that's not true. See your present circumstances, are they what you want, if not see what you'd like to have in your life, instead. Now what feelings, come up, when you think of what, you want. Guilt, fear, anxiety, all emotions, associated with feeling wrong, for wanting, or better yet, accepting something. Think about this, let it sit in your mind. Now, look at what you really want, again. Does it feel, more attainable. Being made aware of why we do certain things, can be the key, we've been looking for, to unlock us from the prison cells, our minds, have been stuck in, our entire lives. Practice, accepting what you want in your mind, all day long. Doing so will, help whittle away the negative feelings, of unworthiness, and actually, set in motion, forces, unseen that will come to your aid, in helping you, just as readily, as they once, worked against you.

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