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soulight-my story so far

Soulight, I think I see some insight to your problems. You sub-consciously injured yourself, to make up for the fact that your husband, wasn't beating you anymore. You most likley had an abusive family life. I myself am lucky to be alive, from my own family situation. Your solution, to all your problems, lies in going back to a traumatic event that took place, probaly when you were very young, from your family or someone associated with your family, who abused you either physically or mentally. You got traumatized by it, relived it through different stages of your life. When you got married, you got magnetaically attracted to an abusive man, because of it. If you can think of what the sitaution, is that happened to you, in your distant past, you can send me a private message, through the Aidmate and I'll bet I can solve your problem, that's been suppressed and buried, deep in your unconscious, by endless rage. Because I'll tell you and anybody else who might read this. If you can pinpoint, that exact traumatic event, that's in your past, that set you up to fail, time and time again and drain it of all neagtive emotion and hatred, that's been keeping you hypnotically programmed, to unconsciously re-live it over and over again, through different, but in reality, the same surface behaviours, you can solve all your problems. If you can find it and get rid of it, you'll also get rid of all your health, financial and personal relationship porblems, at the exact same moment. Because that one traumatic event in your past, is the entire root cause of all your problems, in every aspect of your life.

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Your points are very good. It's not really a question of being attached to an endless stream of money. It's about developing self-reliance, transcending personal problems. This can be very diffucult to do, it really is a long process, sometimes. But, your right money will definitely not make you happy, in the end. It has to do with much, much more than just having money. It's about breaking free, from our self-imposed mental prison's, that unwittingly got constructed over time, by the pressures and cruelty of people and sitauations, that we had the mis-fortune, to get intimadated by
Melchizedek's Money Webpage

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Forsi, glad you liked those tracks. I just made another one for money. I think I'll repost that one in place of it. listen to it through speakers, headphones, burn it to cd, to use in your car, or load it into your mp3/iPod player, etc. Just click the title "Money Accumalator", below, you'll be taken to the download link. Merry Christmas, and may prosperity and overflowing abundance, immediately enter the lives, of anyone and everyone, who reads this post....right, now.
Money Accumalator

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On the above, mp3,"Money", use headphones only, when listening. Use once, every other day.

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Wizard, they sound the same on the surface, but underneath, their different subjects. I used the same masking tracks, on both.

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The hardest part of making change, in all our lives, is probaly the idea of acceptance. We can all have whatever, we want, but the reason we don't, is where afraid of accepting it. I realize that this might sound foolish, but think about it. Is there something that you'd like in your life, but you feel you'll never have it. What is it, and why? Examine this thought, and if you look at it deeply enough, you'll actually see, that you feel, you don't deserve it. Somewhere, you picked up the notion, that your handed, your lot in life, and there's nothing, you can do about it. Well, that's not true. See your present circumstances, are they what you want, if not see what you'd like to have in your life, instead. Now what feelings, come up, when you think of what, you want. Guilt, fear, anxiety, all emotions, associated with feeling wrong, for wanting, or better yet, accepting something. Think about this, let it sit in your mind. Now, look at what you really want, again. Does it feel, more attainable. Being made aware of why we do certain things, can be the key, we've been looking for, to unlock us from the prison cells, our minds, have been stuck in, our entire lives. Practice, accepting what you want in your mind, all day long. Doing so will, help whittle away the negative feelings, of unworthiness, and actually, set in motion, forces, unseen that will come to your aid, in helping you, just as readily, as they once, worked against you.

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Donlovesjackie, everytime you replay in your mind, thoughts of financial troubles, your bringing them into your life, even more. Don't focus on what you don't have, focus on what you do have. Take a piece of paper, and list, anything that you could, do to make money. There has to be something, you like to do, that you could make money at, now. Make a picture of the negative experience, in your mind, that's troubling you, now see that this negative experience, is really nothing, of itself. It's just that all your worrying, has been feeding it, and making it into this gigantic monster, that gets worse and worse. Think of something positive, anything. Place it in your mind, next to this huge, negative. And as you do, see the layers, of negativity, break up and dissolve, from the negative experience. See it dissolve and cauterize, out of you. This problem, you have,wasn't so bad at first, but over time, adding fear and worry, made it seem bigger, than your ability to deal with it. It's an illusion, this problem, compared to yourself, is really nothing. I realize your in a diffucult situation. But, start today to see it in a different light, and you'll start to feel and get better.

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The root cause of a lack of money, is a belief that you don't deserve it. That there's not enough to go around. Where this misguided notion comes from, who knows, but it's not true. If you could just change your inner beliefs towards money, you could be a millionaire tommorrow. It all starts in your inner world, in the deepest recesses of your mind. From there, with no conscious effort or will, all the money, wealth and good fortune, you could ever use, will flow to you, automatically.

I've posted below, a number of different mind re-programming mp3's that are free to anyone who wishes to download and use them for their own personal benefit, or for the benefit of someone they know. Just listen to them through speakers, unless other wise noted, to use headphones, and see if they don't help plant the seed of prosperity in your deep inner mind, and set you on the path to financial abundance. Good Luck

                                               Dana (

Just click the links below, to access "free downloads"

The energy of money

Money (use headphones)

Poverty Remover

Moneywish 1

Money-Magnet Pro Mind(use headphones)


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